Application limit for hand-carry, items that can be hand carried, and cargo warranty, are introduced here.

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When should I complete the application for hand-carried cargo?
We have not set a specific deadline time for such application. Please contact us for details, as we will try the best possible to correspond to your needs even at the last minute.
When requesting a hand-carried cargo, what type of documents do I need to submit?
Please prepare an invoice and a packing list. You may be requested to submit an additional document depending on the circumstances.
Is it possible to request custom clearance at the place of departure and arrival?
Yes. Based on the network we have gained from more than 15 years experience, we can introduce to your company the best customs clearing agent.
Is it possible to request for hand-carried cargo departing from Hanoi?
Yes, it is possible. Our company is based in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Japan, however, we receive many requests from other countries for hand-carried cargo services. Please contact us for details. -> “Reference” Page.
Up to how many kilograms of cargo are you able to carry?
This will vary depending on the airlines, equipment used, or booking status, and some of the weight requested may require more than one hand-carried cargo staff. We have a reference of carrying cargo totaling 2 tons from Bangkok to New York, and we will do the best we can to correspond to your needs. Please contact us for details.
How can I pass the cargo to you? Is it possible for you to make delivery of the cargo to the specified address after arrival?
You can either bring the cargo to the airport, or we can go to the specified location to collect the cargo. Also, at the arrival destination it is possible for us to either pass the cargo at the arrival airport to a nominated forwarding agent, or deliver the cargo to the specified address. (Note) Collecting cargo, and delivering cargo to a specified address are at an extra charge.
Is it possible to hand-carry items such as medicines, fluids, or chemicals?
It must comply with the provisions in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulation, Aviation Law, and each airline’s policy. We will request you to prepare a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) document in advance and based on this document, we will check with the airline company. Please note that each airline company shall decide accordingly.
Can I make a request on an individual basis?
We apologize that our company provide services specialized for corporate customers, and we do not accept requests from individual customers. Please note this.
What type of warranty is provided for the cargo?
When using an airline, based on the departure and destination countries, the Warsaw Convention or the Montreal Convention shall apply. However, this may be determined by the airline concerned.
When the Warsaw Convention is applicable, 17 SDR (approximately 25 dollars) per kilogram shall be the limit, whereas when the Montreal Convention is applicable, a total of 1,131 SDR (approximately 1,732 dollars) per person shall be the limit.
Please note, that while our Company will not take responsibility for damage other than the standard warranty provided by the relevant airlines

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