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Service Overview

From a small component or transport of larger cargo up to 2 tons, you can rely on us with confidence.
We ensure delivery of any items quickly and reliably that you wish to send, from a small component up to a larger cargo of 2 tons*. In situations where you think; “It is difficult to make it in time”, or “Big penalties will be imposed if it is not delivered on time”, please contact us.
Our experienced staff will assess the situation, propose the best method to you using our information network from around the globe, and quickly organize all necessary arrangements.
*Load limit may vary depending on each airline. Please consult us in advance.

From receipt of items through to final delivery.

Normal method will not make it in time.
Must hurry or the factory will stop production.
Components are not sufficient.
It will surely not be delivered by the next day.

Please give us a phone call first.
We also provide hand-carry service
from overseas to Japan, or from
overseas to overseas.

Transport method will be considered, and arrangements made for air ticket, staff to carry, and customs clearance.
At the same time, the means of delivery will be secured.

The most effective method of transport will be considered, and necessary air ticket, staff, and customs clearance procedures will be arranged swiftly. At the same time, the means of delivery will be secured.

Cargo will be collected and brought to the airport.
After the export customs clearance
procedure, it will be sent to the
destination site.

We will collect the cargo and after the export customs clearance procedure at the airport, it will be onboard an aircraft and heading for the destination. The delivery status of received items will be reported by telephone calls or email as needed.

The cargo is delivered to the specified address.

After arriving in the local country, the cargo will be delivered to the specified address by our staff. You can also ask us to pass the cargo to your specified forwarding agent at the airport.

Immediately after the delivery is completed, it will be reported by email.

After delivery is completed, our staff will contact you to confirm the date, time, and name of the person receiving the item.

Strengths of our company.We offer our service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Same-Day Shipment
We can take orders right away. We can send your package on the same day. Please contact us even if it may seem too late for delivery! We offer full-time support for customers in a rush!
Trusted By Major Companies
About 60% of our hand-carry service customers are major shipping and logistics companies. Our speedy and reliable services have helped us earn the trust of logistics experts for many years.
Customs Clearance Experts
Our employees' average service is 8 years. They have extensive knowledge of customs clearance and aviation affairs. You can have confidence in our "certainty" because over the years, our employees have dealt with and overcome different problems and accidents.
Real-Time Notifications
You will receive timely notifications on the process of delivery through Email, SMS, and text messages. We will send real-time notifications from collection to completion of delivery. Customers can be reassured, knowing the current location of the shipment at all times.
Experienced Professional Staff
Major Japanese freight forwarders and staff who have previous work experience in travel agencies will make hand-carry delivery arrangements. Professionals in logistics and the aviation industry will propose the best hand-carry option for customers.
Built On Trust
Since 1998, we have had experience in hand-carrying items to 75 countries, approximately 200 cities worldwide. We complete over 1,000 deliveries per year and 83% of customers have repeated our service. This is the result of the trust that we are given by customers.

Efforts by Lotus have been introduced!

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Japanese Only

“Land-Sea-and Air – Road of Asia” - Latest ASEAN Map of Industry.

In the “Latest ASEAN Map of Industry” by NNA regarding economic business information in Asia, reports were included of cases of hand-carry delivery by LOTUS. The scenes were written in a documentary style to convey the urgency involved in such situations. The article was published under the title, “Road to Asia” (NNA ASEAN Editorial Department Edition).

“Road to Asia” (Asia no Michi)
NNA ASEAN Editorial Department Edition
A5 edition Page 366


Permission to publish reserved.

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