Testimonials from customers from all over the world that have used our hand-carry service are introduced here.

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Customer Testimonials

Motorcycle component supplier
Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta
Components delivered to customers in Indonesia included incorrect items and they needed replacement items immediately. If the factory stops, it will result in damages impacting a wide range of areas. To prevent this, we requested the Lotus service including customs clearance in Jakarta. As a result, we were able to deliver the items smoothly to our customer’s factory without stopping their factory, which made everyone feel at ease. When we need a help in the future, we would ask for your support again.
Molding manufacturer
Bangkok to Nashville (USA)
We are grateful to have you handle such a sudden change of plan. In future we expect to use your service once or twice a year and we would like to ask for your continuous support for this.
Electrical component supplier
Bangkok to Centrair Airport in Nagoya, Japan
There was an emergency transportation required from Thailand to Japan and initially, we were thinking of hand-carrying the item by our own employee, but because of the year end holiday season, the seats in Thai Airways for both economy and business class were fully booked. Even though seats were available for planes going through Incheon Airport, but that would make on time delivery impossible. We consulted Lotus and they immediately registered some of their staff on the waiting list (who were Gold Card holders of Thai Airways), and just a day before the plane departed a seat was confirmed and we could have the item hand-carried.
Plastic molding manufacturer
Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai
Use of hand-carry service is something that must not happen to us and we hope not to use it. However, our new customer requested we send a sample immediately and we used your service for the first time. After that, the customer who received the sample regarded us highly due to our quick response and later this resulted in an official business agreement.
We still wish avoid using a hand-carry service, however, it is worth giving it a go, when it is really necessary.
Automotive component supplier
Bangkok to Bangalore (India)
Your hand-carry staff possess the business visa for India and that made it possible to rely on your service with confidence. Previously a company we used attempted to enter the country using a tourist visa and was refused entry because of re-entry restrictions. Your service is very much appreciated.
Next week, there is a plan to hand-carry some items and we hope to use your service again.
Electrical component supplier
Hanoi to Narita
Due to the delay of production schedule, the situation made it difficult to deliver the goods to our customer in time. We considered using air-cargo, but still the timing seemed almost impossible. So we have decided to ask Lotus, who we have used before, to hand-carry the item.
It was a really short-notice telephone call, but you worked speedily and next day we were able to deliver all the items successfully. We felt a sense of relief to see that no trouble was caused.
Industrial machine tool manufacturer
Narita to Singapore
Because some parts of equipment we have just delivered caused trouble, we asked Lotus to hand-carry the dismantled parts back to us.
Total weight was heavy as 280 kg and we were anxious, not knowing how you do it, but you managed to get every part on the flight. Furthermore, the hand-carry staff were high-grade members of the airline and this helped to keep the excess carge charge to a minimum cost. Thank you very much.
Die cast manufacturer
Bangkok to Johannesburg (South Africa)
We always ask for a last minute delivery and appreciate your quick correspondence. We ask for your continuous support.
Trading company
Hong Kong to London
We have been using another company, but this time our customer introduced your company and we used you for the first time. We were pleasantly surprised at your quick correspondence and the excess charge was cheaper than the previously used company. Later we checked with Lotus about this and they told us that a Gold-card holder had carried the item and that helped to make the price considerably cheaper.
Because it was a long distance flight, we feel it was a big help in keeping the excess charge to a minimum.
Electrical component supplier
Chiang Mai to Kansai Airport, Japan
It was a sudden order, but because you had Japanese staff stationed in Chiang Mai, you came to our site to pick up the item and that helped us a great deal.
You also arranged transportation from Kansai Airport to the delivery site and we are grateful for your cooperation.
Automotive component supplier
Bangkok to Narita
Even though the time was quite late, we thank you for your quick response in helping us. Such a response enabled to send our item early next morning and helped to deliver the item in time. Thank you very much.
Die-cast manufacturer
Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh
During the flood, in order to overcome the transportation network that did not function, we requested you to prepare a system that allowed sending our items by hand-carry as soon as the items in a certain quantity were ready.
We asked many companies for cooperation under such difficult circumstances and Lotus was the last stronghold for our company and we deeply appreciate that.
As a part of our crisis management, we may ask for your cooperation again. We ask for your support when such a need arises.

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