Lotus International Express takes pride in its international hand-carry and international urgent delivery services. We operate worldwide, including Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and China.

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We'll handle deliveries from small parts to cargo shipping up to 2 tons.

Our staff will deliver your urgent package or cargo to any part of the world in the shortest time possible.

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If you are having any of the following issues, please contact us!

  • The shipment by air freight will not arrive in time!
  • There is a shortage in components!
  • I'm afraid my package will get stuck in customs if delivered by Hand-carry!
  • If we don't get the parts in time, the plants will be forced to stop production!
  • We don't have personnel who can fly overseas!
  • We have a product that needs to be delivered in the shortest possible time!

What is Hand-carry?

image Hand-Carry

Hand-carry is a delivery method by which our staff carries your shipment on a passenger aircraft as a checked baggage or a carry-on baggage and delivers it to its final destination.

When sending goods by regular international shipping, delivery time takes longer due to the time it needs to go through the sorting process at the delivery company. The shipment could also get stuck at customs (*1) from half a day to few days.

When delivered by hand-carry, we can shorten the delivery time by collecting the shipment at your desired location such as your office, factory or receiving it directly from you at the airport. At the airport in which the shipment is delivered, our hand-carry staff will go through customs clearance on that day (*2), which will enable the shipment to be delivered in a much shorter period of time.

Hand-carry is the best and fastest method for delivering goods.

(*1) Custom clearance is the process in which one declares the goods at customs and pay customs duties and sales tax in order to receive import permission.
(*2) Customs clearance procedures may differ according to customs law, the invoice price, and content of the package.

Strengths of our company.We offer our service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

CALL US 24/7/365!
Same-Day Shipment
We can take orders right away. We can send your package on the same day. Please contact us even if it may seem too late for delivery! We offer full-time support for customers in a rush!
Trusted By Major Companies
About 60% of our hand-carry service customers are major shipping and logistics companies. Our speedy and reliable services have helped us earn the trust of logistics experts for many years.
Customs Clearance Experts
Our employees' average service is 8 years. They have extensive knowledge of customs clearance and aviation affairs. You can have confidence in our "certainty" because over the years, our employees have dealt with and overcome different problems and accidents.
Real-Time Notifications
You will receive timely notifications on the process of delivery through Email, SMS, and text messages. We will send real-time notifications from collection to completion of delivery. Customers can be reassured, knowing the current location of the shipment at all times.
Experienced Professional Staff
Major Japanese freight forwarders and staff who have previous work experience in travel agencies will make hand-carry delivery arrangements. Professionals in logistics and the aviation industry will propose the best hand-carry option for customers.
Built On Trust
Since 1998, we have had experience in hand-carrying items to 75 countries, approximately 200 cities worldwide. We complete over 1,000 deliveries per year and 83% of customers have repeated our service. This is the result of the trust that we are given by customers.

From collection to delivery

[Customer][LOTUS][E-mail / SMS report]

Case 1

  1. Preparation of shipment[Customer]
  2. Collection … Carry in [LOTUS]
  3. Airport departure [LOTUS]
  4. Airport arrival[LOTUS]
  5. Delivery[LOTUS]
  6. Delivery complete[LOTUS]

Case 2Shipments can be collected and delivered at the customer's designated location.
Shipments can also be received and delivered at the airport.

  1. Preparation of shipment[Customer]
  2. Carry in[Customer]
  3. Airport departure [LOTUS]
  4. Airport arrival[LOTUS]
  5. Delivery complete[Customer]


How much will a hand-carry delivery cost?
Hand-carry delivery prices vary according to factors, such as place of departure, destination, the airline company, and the season. Upon receiving an inquiry, we will give an estimate. Please feel free to contact us.
How long does delivery take?
Considering the latest flight schedule, our staff will choose the fastest route and notify the customer. Please feel free to contact us.
What is the maximum weight?
Maximum weight depends on the airline, machinery usage, and status of availability. Goods may need to be delivered by more than one hand-carry staff. At LOTUS, we have hand-carried a two-ton cargo from Bangkok to New York and we try to make every delivery possible to the best of our ability.


We were founded in 1998 as an international hand-carry delivery company. During the two decades since then we have been continuously establishing the necessary know-how from the ground up to provide efficient access to different parts of the world, securing suitable transportation at local sites, sharing information, and ensuring smooth cooperation between staff. Now the Lotus transportation network reaches every corner of the globe.

At LOTUS, we do not only hand-carry goods from Japan to overseas, but we also dispatch staff from our company in Japan, Thailand (Bangkok), Hong Kong, and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), which allows goods to be hand-carried from overseas to Japan or overseas to overseas.

You can count on LOTUS, pioneer of international hand-carry.

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